CR-CAT5202/04C1, CR-CAT5202/04C2,

Full digital flush mounted CAT5 discussion unit

CR-CAT5202/04C1 is a discussion unit match for cat5 flush mounted connection box with CAT5 interface.
CR-CAT5202/04C2 is a voting unit match for flush mounted connection box with CAT5 interface.


● Support signal indicator, provides connection error indication for easier system diagnosis.
● The chairman unit has prioritized function, and can shut off the speaking unit.
● Capacitive buttons: no mechanic button noise, water-proof, durable, and easy for cleaning.
● Embed CAT5 seris units have the advantage of small body which makes it can be directly installed on seat armrest and can fix in with all kinds of meeting table.
● Super-compact designed CAT5 connection box: convenient for flush-mounted installation on both chair arms and desktop.
● The chairman Unit can initialize and terminate signing-in function.
● 31+1 channels simultaneous interpretation.
● Low power consumption: less than 1.5W power consumption for 2 sets of units to function normally.
● Support three vote modes:
A) voting: agree with / abstentions / against.
B) election / survey modes: 1/2/3/4/5.
C) response mode / review mode: --、-、0、+、++.