Conference system controller

CR-DIG5201-A full digital conference controller is the core part of the digital conference system. It sets simultaneous interpretation, voting, microphone management, display unit, camera tracking, tea application, internal communication, short message and other technologies into one. It adopts 32bit high speed floating point and DSP processing technology.


● Compatible with EC 60914, GBT15381-94.

● Cat5e , 100M network digital audio and control signal transmission, long distance transmission quality is not affected; built-in with high performance CPU, which sets translation, discussion, attendance, voting, electronic plate as a whole. It provides high speed vote, voting, information transmission, and maximumly support 4000 conference units.

● Non compressed audio transmission, 48K sampling rate, 20Hz~20KHz bandwidth perfect sound.

● The system can open 8 microphones at the same time , 31+1 channel cable simultaneous interpretation.

● 32 bit high speed DSP floating-point processing, supports 2 channel audio output at the same time, acoustic feedback suppression, noise elimination, and digital equalization provide high sensitive and perfect sound.

● Support PC management software, TCP/IP control, provide reliable control and safety management.

● Support a variety of camera control protocols of PELCO-D, VISCA, SAMSUNG, and CREATOR. With the CREATOR matrix or control, it is capable of automatic camera tracking.

● PC software unified management unit and intelligent fault analysis, can analyze the meeting unit type, quantity, distribution, fault etc.

● Hot standby, the system can normally operate eventhough one of the controllers broken down. The meeting will not be interrupted, instead, it can continue speech,vote and voting.

● With RCA, phoenix head, XLR head three different audio input interface, support the balanced and unbalanced input, support 4 audio mixer input or 3 audio mixer input and 1 remote video conference input.

● With RCA, phoenix head, XLR head three different audio output interface, support the balanced and unbalanced output, support the conference unit partition, support 4 speaker partition output, can effectively improve the microphone gain instead of howling, you can configure any

● Output interface to connect to the remote video conference system.

● Can individually adjust line, remote video conferencing input, 4 audio output interface, the conference unit volume size, the adjusting range is mute, 40dB to 0dB.