CR-DIG5202/04C1-S, CR-DIG5202/04C2-S, CR-DIG5206CH-S, CR-DIG5207SP-S

Full digital flush mounted discussion unit

According to the application requirements of different occasions, the Ⅱgeneration embedded unit of full digital conference system can choose to be used alone or be used in combination.
CR-DIG5202/4C1-S is the II generation embedded pure speech unit.
CR-DIG5202/4C2-S is the II generation embedded pure voting unit.
CR-DIG5206CH-S is the II generation embedded channel selector.
CR-CAT5207SP is the II generation speaker match for flush mounted connection box with CAT5 interface.

All products:
Flush mount speech chairman unit CR-DIG5202C1-S
Flush mount speech delegate unit CR-DIG5204C1-S
Flush mount voting chairman unit CR-DIG5202C2-S
Flush mount voting delegate unit CR-DIG5204C2-S
Flush mount channel unit CR-DIG5206CH-S

Flush mount speaker unit CR-CAT5207SP


● Chairman unit has priority function, can shut down the speaking unit.

● Chairman unit can initiate and end attendance.

● Chairman unit can initiate 3-key vote (for / abstentions / against), or end the voting.

● Can be used singly or together.

● Embedded channel selection unit be used alone, no limit on the number.

● Support 31+1 simultaneous interpretation.

● Support three vote modes:
  1) voting: agree with / abstentions / against.
  2) election / survey modes: 1/2/3/4/5.
  3) response mode / review mode: --、-、0、+、++.