Discussion & voting unit with LCD nameplate

CR-DIG5202/04A2 has built-in microphone, set a variety of techniques like discuss and discuss management, attendance and attendance management, voting and voting management, electronic nameplate display, simultaneous interpretation, tea, short message, and internal communication as a whole. Built-in hi-fi speaker can satisfy the small venue PA demand.


Electronic nameplate display: 320x64LCD display, used for identity information display, support the scroll left/right screen display or a separate display of names and positions, supports text adaptive amplification, provides the best visual effect. Maximum support 8 Chinese characters, 16 English letters and Russian, Japanese and other languages.

The entire system of all namedisplay synchronized in scroll, left/ right scrolling.

Solve the displaying problem of rare Chinese characters.

Support PC software or plug-in IC card electronic nameplate display.

High speed and high bandwidth to transmit information; PC software is capable of 1000 sets of CR- DIG5202/04A2 electronic nameplate display content delivery in one second.

Built-in high sensitivity microphone.

Support the contact IC card attendance and automatic acquisition of representatives.

Support 31+1 simultaneous interpretation.

Chairman unit has the priority function, can close or the speaking units.

Chairman unit has the function to start or end the voting.

Chairman unit can initiate 3-key vote (for / abstentions / against), or end the voting.

320x64 display provides clearly show about the number of microphones, attendance result, voting results.

Offer tea application, short message view, short message tone, internal communication services.

Support Chinese and English. Automatically unify language with the controller once power-on, support temporary modification of language.

Support three vote modes:
1) voting: agree with / abstentions / against

2) election modes checking: 1/2/3/4/5

3) response / review mode: ---0++