Main Products
    1. CR-iMAX901HD-B Presentation Scaler/Switcher

      CR-iMAX901HD-B is a scaler which supported 9 input signal, including CV, (Pr/CrPb/CbY), VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, HDBaseT

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    1. CR-IR3002A-8 Infrared Receiver

      It is provided with channel selection, volume adjustment, power switch control, battery power indication, and signal indication functions. When this ergonomically designed infrared receiver receives no signal for 5 minutes or the headphone is disconnected, it will automatically shut down.

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    1. CR-WiFi6302B Wireless Conference Microphone

      The built-in high-performance battery pack provides 9-hour continued speaking time and 13-hour standby time. All functions of the conference unit can be completed through the keys on the panel. In addition, our product adopts the encrypted Wifi transmission technology

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    1. CR-WiFi G7S Handheld Wireless Programmable Touch Panel

      CR-WiFi G7S programmable touch panel is a desktop wireless full-color touch panel which is compatible with CR-PGMIICR-PGMIII programmable controller. The LCD screen it used has a high resolution to 1280*800, and the transmittance ups to 99.9%.

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Audio/Visual solution provider & manufacturer

CREATOR Corporation is an audio/visual solution provider & manufacturer. Founded in 1997, we are engaged in the R&D, production, and marketing of a wide range of high quality conferencing products, including digital wired conference system, digital discussion system, digital wireless conference system, infrared simultaneous interpretation system, central control unit, etc.