Full digital tabletop discussion unit

CR-DIG5202/4X2 is a desktop discussion unit that integrates multiple functions such as discussion, check-in and voting. The CR-DIG5202X2 is the chairman unit and the CR-DIG5204X2 is the delegate unit.


● Adopt embedded Linux operating system, ARM Cortex-A7 dual core 1.2GHz CPU;

● With a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and volume adjustment function;

● Adopt uncompressed audio transmission technology, 48K sampling rate, and perfect sound quality from 20Hz to 20KHz;

● The chairman unit has a priority function and can close all delegate units those are speaking;

● Gently touch the key at low stroke, without jamming, silent;

● Supports "hand in hand" connections;

● The chairman unit has the function of initiating and ending check-in;

● The chairman unit can initiate a three-button vote (Yes/Abstain/No) ,and end the voting;

● Support three voting methods:

a) Voting method: Yes/Abstain/No;

b) Election method/investigation method: 1/2/3/4/5;

c) Response method/rating method: --, -, 0,+,++.