Full digital VFD nameplate

CR-DIG5205DS provides electronic nameplate, tea application, short message functions.


● The display unit: 256×64 dot matrix,used for identity information display, support the scroll left/right screen display or a separate display of names and positions, supports text adaptive amplification, red and white, with the best visual effect. Maximum support 8 Chinese characters, 16 English letters and Russian, Japanese and other languages.

● The entire system of all namedisplay synchronized in scroll, left/ right scrolling.

● Solve the displaying problem of rare Chinese characters.

● Support PC software and electronic nameplate display, high speed and high bandwidth to transmit information.

● PC software can complete the 1000 display unit content transmission in one second.

● Short message service is provided.

● Provide positive and negative electron plate display, convenient for search and identification.

● Good compatibility: can be used alone or with any DIG series conference unit without electronic nameplate display.