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Solomon’s Temple in Brazil

2014-09-17 17:02:53

Solomon's Temple is located in Sao Paulo in Brazil, costing nearly $300 million, possessed an area of 74000 square meters. Using about 28000 cubic meters of concrete and nearly 2000 tons of steel and building two underground garage. It can offer 1200 parking spaces. The church is 56 meters high, has 11 layer in the front. At the back of this building is 41 meters high. Remarkably, all ground marbles of the church were import stones from Israel. The church also has a religion school which can accommodate 1300 children one time. It is definitely Brazil's largest modern church.

We say that it is a modern temple just because its overall design is abundant with technology, and another shining part is CREATOR achievement, thousand of CREATOR full digital simultaneous interpretation products, signal management system also brightened the holy temple.

The completion ceremony was held in early August this year. This grand ceremony was attended by President Dilma Rousseff and her predecessor, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, among many other influential political figures from Sao Paulo and throughout Brazil. Taking this chance, we can finally see all the beauty of the temple after four years waiting.

This new temple can totally contain at least 3000 people for prayer and other activities one time, what’s more, CREATOR engineers has installed 1000 sets of CREATOR simultaneous interpretation units on seats, another 2000 part is also on the schedule. On the consideration of plenty signals need to be input and output. We prepared a “CM” modular HD transmitter & convert system product CROSS-MAX3232 to cover all signal switching job. Then, we chose a professional multi-signal switcher CR-MAX1301HD-B to scaler different kinds of signals and realize high resolution and vivid image output.

About the distance problem, we collocated 50 COMPONET/CAT5 transmitters CR-uCAT5 AV 200T and DVI/CAT5 transceiver CR-uCAT5 DVI 200T/R for CROSS-MAX3232 matrix to cooperate all signal switching and converting in the whole building.

The project sponsor Edir Macedo, also the founder and leader of Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, declared that the church is not just a religious works, it is a kind of glory and embodiment of the spiritual. This will certainly awake those people whose belief was cooling down and promote national, even worldwide revival. In order to meet the need of people from all over the world to making communication, learning, sharing ideas directly, the church center installed CREATOR simultaneous interpretation system and digital conference system.

Main products:

1. Full digital conference controller CR - DIG5201, built-in high performance CPU, which sets translation, discussion, attendance, voting, electronic plate as a whole. It provides high speed vote, voting, information transmission, and maximum support 4000 conference units.
2. Conference system hot-standby system controller CR-DIG5200BK, automatically save the attendant data, microphone state, camera tracking state, translation state to ensure the whole translation system would not be disturbed when system controller break down.

3. Fully digital conference system translation unit CR-DIG5203E3, can simultaneously support 31 + 1 languages, have direct translation and indirect translation function.
4. About 1000 Ⅱ generation embedded channel units CR-DIG5206CH-C were installed in the knob of seats, these channel units were connected with the controller hand-in-hand and get power by several active expansion connection boxes CR-DIG5200EXP.
5. Every seat was equipped with one CREATOR specially R&D headphone CR-P2, this small and delicate thing make the conference center very artistic.

The Solomon’s Temple is as a culture museum. Interior walls are decorated with huge beautiful lamp, 100 square meters of golden stained-glass Windows on top of the altar. Marcelo was thinking of making the church as a tourist attraction, but the most important purpose to building it is to build a worship place. And CREATOR helped it to be intelligent and modern. We can make the belief that it would be the most important political and economic center of Sao Paulo and even Brazil.