8 inch desk mount wired programmable touch panel

CR-GH8LD programmable touch panel is a flush-mount wired full-color touch panel which is compatible with the CR-PGMII,CR-PGMIII programmable controller. It has been equipped with a full viewing-angle LCD displayer with 1280*800 resolution, a capacitive touch screen with a 99.9% light transmittance, and a built-in 10/100M self-adaptive network chip. This enables the user to conduct all control operations at will while watching the PiP screen. With the advantages of easy-to-use,high-speed, real-time multi-tasking to seamlessly run multiple programs simultaneously, it is widely used in various of large and middle size of command center, multi-media conference hall, multi-media classroom, modern villa and hotel etc. Providing an enjoyable, reliable and intuitive experience for user.


● Support TFT true-color full viewing-angle LCD display with a resolution of 1280*800 at 16:9 aspect ratio.
● Capacitive touch screen with 99.9% light transmittance.
● Adopt high-speed network, enable user to download multi-language control interface and information interface.
● Customizable UI: support all common image formats such as PNG, JPG, etc.; Text is supported on the graphic interface; Support 3D buttons, polymorphic buttons, and irregular button effects.
● Free-will control by a soft touch.
● Support Picture-in-Picture function.